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Because of the current fear for pregnant women to possibly contract the COVID-19 Virus in a Hospital, more women are giving thoughts to finding a Midwife & delivering their child in their home. I am considering coming out of retirement & doing a few home births for confident women who wish to minimize their exposure to the COVID-19 virus. Click on my Contact me link if you wish to communicate with me about this possibility.

This is an educational web site & it's contents are to help couples to learn about home birth.

Hopefully,, after viewing some of the home births on this web site, it will help you make a decision if a home birth is really what you want.

This web site contains a few photo-stories of the 490 homebirth I attended in the 7 years I worked as a Midwife.

What is a PARTERO? That is Spanish for Male Midwife, ME!

This site can also be accessed using the URL www.partera.org


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